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The 17th College Students Mental Health Month activities
2023-03-30 14:27  

Each school:

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of documents such as the Notice on Strengthening the Management of Students' Mental Health (Letter of the Office of Education, Ideology and Politics (2021) No. 10),Focus on improving students' mental health literacy,Optimize the psychological quality of college students,Actively guide students to take the initiative to deal with the current study and life with self-esteem, self-confidence, rational peace, positive and healthy attitude,Upon study,The 17th College Student Mental Health Month was held in the university。

I. Activity theme

Heart health and heart growth

Second, the object of activity

The whole school

3. Activity time

April 2023 - June 2023

Iv. Content and arrangement of activities

(1) Love to meet · The launch ceremony of the 17th College Students Mental Health Month

1.Active time


2.Activity content

In order to promote and popularize mental health knowledge, help students improve mental health awareness, and let students feel the charming spring scenery on campus, inspire students to love life, love nature, love the campus emotion, psychological center to carry out "Encounter Chunhi Tepco" as the theme of punched activities。This activity carefully designed two different theme routes (East campus, west campus, 1)。Participants choose one of the routes of the East Campus or the West campus to learn mental health knowledge and take photos to record the beautiful encounter with the spring campus。

(The specific content will be released on the wechat public account of "TEPCO Psychology" at that time)

(2) The ninth Psychological Knowledge Competition

1.Active time


2.Competition content

A healthy mind needs psychological knowledge to protect it。In order to better let students understand psychological knowledge, pay attention to psychological problems, and protect the physical and mental health of students, the psychological center launched the ninth psychological knowledge competition。

3.Game flow

(1) Preliminary round: written test (closed book), the paper is divided into objective questions and subjective questions two types of questions。The content of the test paper is the basic knowledge of psychology. Students can prepare for the preliminary contest according to the question bank issued by the psychology center in advance。The 108 people with the highest scores in the preliminary round advanced to the semifinals。

(2) Semi-final: according to the preliminary results,The 108 students who entered the semifinals were randomly divided into 36 teams of equal strength (one team of three) by drawing lots;The 36 teams were randomly divided into six groups,Each team will play in a group of 6;The final round will be answered on the spot,It mainly includes required questions and quick answer questions,The team with the highest score from each group advances to the finals。

(3) Final: The six winning teams will play in the final。The final will take the form of on-site answers, including required questions, quick answers, risk questions and mutual choice and other links。

3.Award setting

(1) First prize 1 team, second prize 2 teams, third prize 3 teams, several awards of excellence。

(2) Students will be awarded conduct points (specific points determined by each school)。

(See Attachment 1 for registration)

(3) Jianxin burning movement · "Show YOUNG youth" movement punch card activities

1.Active time


2.Activity purpose

Promote students to enhance physical function, develop exercise habits, hone the quality of will, enhance tolerance, stress resistance。

3.Activity content

(1) Five types of lectures will be offered。Namely, sports, fitness, diet, health and psychology lectures, so that students can strengthen the understanding of sports, health and psychology knowledge。

(2) Provide two platforms。On the online platform, students can read or watch articles and videos about sports, health and psychology pushed by the official media of the school on the Internet;On the offline platform, students can immerse themselves in the strong sports atmosphere created by the activity slogans and posters on campus to maximize the enthusiasm of students in sports。

(3) Implement 5 kinds of punch cards。That is, daily steps, fitness movements, campus running, combat exercise and fat burning exercise punch card, through action to truly achieve physical and mental health。

Organizer: Physical Education Institute

Co-organizers: Youth Association, Fitness Association

(4) Spiritual Drama · Psychological Drama Competition

1.Active time

April 2023 - May 2023

2.Form of competition

The competition must be in the form of colleges, classes, societies, etc。

3.Game flow

(1) Preliminary competition: Each college shall conduct it by itself,Each school recommends 1-2 plays for the school-level semifinals,Candidate groups are required to complete the "Psychological Drama Competition Application Form" (Annex 2),The application form must be accompanied by a script,The materials will be packaged and sent to 1508382821@qq by the College before 17:00, April。

(2) Semi-final: The person in charge of each participating group shall submit the paper script and the person in charge's contact information to 407 College Student Activity Center at 12:00 on April 21st, and draw lots to determine the order of the semi-final competition。In the semifinals, 6-8 plays will be selected for the final。

(3) Final: The time is early May, 6-8 groups participating in the final draw lots to determine the order of performance。

4.Competition requirement

(1) Each participating play shall be assigned a tutor to ensure the quality of the play。

(2) The scripts should be original, and the content should be created closely around the hot issues in the real life of college students and the psychological confusion that is common among students, focusing on reflecting the inner psychological conflict and psychological adjustment process of the characters。

(3) Each play is limited to 15-20 minutes。

(4) Props such as tables and chairs will be provided at the competition site. Costumes, field affairs and small props will be prepared by the participating teams according to the needs of the play。

(5) Actors need to perform without writing, and the performance has a certain artistic appeal。

5.Award setting

(1) 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 to 5 third prizes。Best actor and actress, best supporting actor and actress, best screenplay 1 each。

(2) Students will be awarded conduct points (specific points determined by each school)。

(5) Warm heart support · Growth group psychological counseling

1.Active time


2.Activity purpose

Help students to know themselves, enhance confidence, enhance motivation, full of hope。

3.Activity content

(1) "Spend some time, twist happiness" twist flower production

Twist flower making is the artistic expression of the soul。By seeing the furry twisting stick can be turned into a beautiful flower, can heal our mood, is conducive to our study and life to maintain a positive, optimistic and cheerful attitude。

  1. "Awaken the Giant Within - Shaping a Positive Mindset" group counseling

       Through special group psychological counseling training, help students build hope, enhance confidence, shape positive attitude and positive emotions, improve subjective well-being and mental health level。

    (The specific content will be released on the wechat public account of "TEPCO Psychology" at that time)

    (6) Happy full of psychological talk show competition

    1.Active time

    April 2023 - May 2023

    2.Activity purpose

    In order to let the students open their hearts in the humorous form of "talk show", express themselves more truly, and guide the students to maintain a healthy, optimistic and cheerful psychological state, the psychological center launched a psychological talk show contest。

    3.Game flow

    (1) Preliminary competition: Each college will carry out its own, and each college will recommend 1-3 talk-show works to participate in the school-level final competition。Each talk show entry (no less than 1000 words) and video (5-15 minutes) should be submitted by the Academy to 1508382821@qq by April。

    (2) Rematch: Each participant will draw lots at the 407 College Student Activity Center at 12:00 on April 28 to decide the order of the rematch。In the semifinals, 6-10 excellent works will be selected to enter the final。

    (3) Final: The time is late May, the students who participate in the final draw lots to determine the order of the competition。

    4.Competition requirement

    (1) Focus on mental health related topics such as "self-understanding", "stress management", "interpersonal communication", "intimate relationship", "meaning of life", "personal growth" and "psychological science popularization", and show them in the form of talk shows to help students enhance their confidence with the power of humor。

    (2) Participants may participate individually or in a group, with no more than 3 participants per entry。

    (3) The entries must be original and must not be copied or infringe the copyright of others。

    5.Award setting

    (1) 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes, several awards of excellence。

    (2) Students will be awarded conduct points (specific points determined by each school)。

    (7) The closing ceremony of the 17th College Student Mental Health Month

    1.Closing ceremony time


    2.Closing ceremony content

    (1) Video exhibition of the 17th Mental Health Month of College Students

    (2) Students' wonderful activities

    (3) The 17th College Student Mental Health Month award collective and individual commendation


    Remarks: The activities in Mental Health Month are all school-level activities, and the bonus points for the winning students are subject to the requirements of each school;The specific time and place of the activities during Mental Health Month will be announced separately。


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